Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Love, Kristen - Week 7 and a half

I went to a hand/wrist specialist today and met with the Physician's Assistant, Reese Blackwell, who felt around in my arm and wrist. He seemed to really know his stuff. Anyways, I was most tender in the area between the end of the ulna bone and the bone right above that (I believe the first two letters are st, but I could be wrong). The bone that most people break in the wrist is fine. They took some x-rays (as it's now been six days since the injury date) and when they pulled them up on the computer, there did appear to be a hairline fracture in the ulna bone. It's very slight though and difficult to see. The doctor, Dr. Richards, was not that impressed with it, and neither was Blackwell. They are unsure if it is a hairline fracture or just a line in my ulna bone (apparently sometimes bones get lines in them), but because they are unsure, they are going to treat it like it's a fracture and meet with me again in a week to make the final call about whether or not I can leave on the 27th. For that meeting, I'll see only Dr. Richards (I don't think Blackwell wants to make the final call--I don't blame him), and then we'll see what happens. For now I am to wear my brace (which is basically like a cast) at ALL TIMES even in the shower. I am not to pick anything up, carry anything, and am really only allowed to write and type GENTLY. He'd prefer it if I weren't lefthanded, but that's something I can't control. So yeah, no aggressive notes whatsoever. If I come back and it looks better and I'm not in any pain they'll clear me. But if I am in pain they'll probably hold me back until I'm healed.

The District President told me that if the latter happens, they'll hold me here an extra week or two (probably two at the most, as that's probably all the time it needs to heal if it's not fine by next week) and then they'll call my mission president in the Philippines and ask when he wants me there. Usually the mission president wants the missionary on the next flight out. Sometimes they want to wait an extra day or two. It'll depend. However, I'm praying that I'll be okay to leave on the 27th. If I'm not, then obviously there's something more that I need to do here. Heavenly Father has a plan. Right now I just need to trust Him. I'll get to the Philippines soon enough.