Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Love, Kristen's Mom :-) - week (I think 8 and a half)

It was so great to hear Kristen's voice today! Unfortunately, she was calling to let us know the MRI done on her wrist today showed a compressed fracture that is still healing. Her departure date is now tentatively January 17th. We got to talk to her for over an hour (we think they forgot about her :-) Haha). She was in good spirits and has faith that she will go to the Philippines when she is supposed to be there. She trusts Heavenly Father's timing. She does not seem sad at all to not be home for Christmas(not that she doesn't miss home and us, of course, but she feels she is where she is supposed to be and is happy), and is looking forward to the two devotionals they will have at the MTC on Christmas. She is looking forward to seeing who will be speaking to them.

So, with the departure date change, all letters will still get to her next week, and you can use the MTC address still to write to her. I know she loves hearing from family and friends.


P.S. She also spoke to us in Tagalog and she sounded was pretty cool. Of course that is coming from someone who doesn't know what Tagalog should sound like, but it wasn't English! :-)